Accelerate the Process with BancTec

BancTec is a global leader in providing financial transaction automation and document management services for organisations seeking to drive efficiency in their financial back-office processes.

BancTec serves a blue chip client base spanning over 50 countries, with a global team of more than 4,000 employees across 35 offices and operating centres. BancTec utilises a common technology platform to deliver reliability, security and consistently high levels of performance. BancTec’s business philosophy is based on building long-term, collaborative relationships – consistently providing business value to its clients, driving opportunity for its employees and creating significant return for its stockholders.

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BancTec's superior document, content and payment processing solutions, enterprise document management and EDRM systems, reduce operational costs and improve the quality of information within ECM, ERP and CRM systems.

Business Process Outsourcing: Transfer the Burden, Transform the Process

Combined with Dataforce Group, BancTec is now one of the largest Business Process Outsourcing businesses addressing the transaction processing, workflow and document management markets.

Organisations are choosing BPO with BancTec in order to gain lower operating costs, improved information access and a reduced business risk, as well as an enhanced service for their customers. Our clients recognise that outsourcing their transactional processes to BancTec means they can devote more time, staff and resources to their core business functions.

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Our multi-national business process outsourcing (BPO) services reduce operational costs and improve speed and quality of delivering services to your customers.